Elixir KIGAM Magic power is the elixir desired by all those who practice meditative techniques or spiritual refinement for its power to activate the magical essence of the being. To amplify the primordial energies of the being and to potentiate the relationship of the being with the archetypes of the Universe, use Elixir KIGAM Magical Power before meditation or spiritual practice. You will feel the magical power of higher vibrations, the acceleration of the present consciousness of the being's bodies, including the physical one, and will bring an understanding of universal archetypal truths.

It can be applied in the area of the head, neck, solar plexus and cardiac plexus. It can be applied several times a day directly on the skin, the smell and absorption through the skin produce the effects described above. It can also be used instead of perfume if you like the smell, but it will only be applied to the skin and not to the clothes, because it has an oily composition.

Composition: jojoba oil, fractionated cocos, ginger essential oil, Dragon's Blood, tangerine, pepper, incense and vanilla. The product also contains a semi-precious stone (eg quartz crystal, amethyst, tourmaline, etc.) which amplifies the qualities of the elixir.

Careful! For external use only, slightly irritating, avoid the eye area. It is recommended to test first on the joint of the hand. Keep out of reach of children. Shake before use.

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